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Alcoholic fermentation

Wine ageing, blending, and bottling

Since the 2009 harvest, grapes in Provence have been harvested by hand at night, to preserve the fruit and its fresh aroma. This new grape-harvesting method helps increase and maintain quality.

The protection against the exposure to oxygen allows a protection of the wines against oxidation and hence a preservation of its freshness. A completely thermo-controlled vat installation allows for a follow-up of low-temperature winemaking and protection against exposure to oxygen, hence preserving all the delicate aromas of the rosé wines of Château La Gordonne.

Pressing is the key step in the rosé wine-making process. It consists of gently extracting the juice from the grape. This is done by pressing the fruit immediately after the seeds are removed.

The highest quality juice is selected from the press to create our tête de cuvée wines. The pure grape juice created through this process retains the fresh fruit aromas present in the grape pulp. Because this pressing process is gentle and takes place at low temperatures, its colour is naturally pale.

Fermentation helps make wines with great finesse. It occurs in clear juices, so first the juices must be clarified, which means eliminating the large particles from the skins and the pulp…

The alcoholic fermentation process takes place at a low temperature, to preserve the varietal and ferment aromas as much as possible.

Once the alcoholic fermentation process is complete, the wines are aged in the cellar in stainless steel barrels or lined concrete tanks during the first part of the winter so they can be stabilised and clarified naturally.

At this stage, the wine features all the characteristics of a nice, pale, aromatic, refreshing, and dry rosé.
The basic wines, which are created from plot selections, are blended to make our vintages and then carefully bottled in our storehouses.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume with moderation.

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