An exceptionnal castle


During the 1st century BC, the Romans colonised the Gordonne region in order to benefit from its vines and wines as well as the exceptional micro climate enjoyed by the Gordonne “shale basin”.

In 1300, Carthusian monks from Verne created a base at Pierrefeu-du-Var to cultivate the vineyards.

Later, Sully, a connoisseur, made several trips to «La Gordonne», then known as «La Mayon d’Aurran» which was planted with vines and olive trees.
Between 1650 and 1663, the estate took its name from Councillor Gourdon, who was its latest owner.

In 1652, «La Gordonne» was definitively established.In 1663, «La Gordonne» was purchased with its bastide, vines and olive trees by Councillor Dedons, the Earl of Pierrefeu.

In 1754, the Dedons family, who had since become the Marquis of Pierrefeu, still owned the estate, but records have been found of a new owner, the Bishopric of Toulon, a short time before the French Revolution in 1789.

In 1850, the Château and outlying buildings were completely renovated, and the Château has been selling its wines ever since.

The Château La Gordonne is now one of the flagships of Vranken Estates.



French Revolution. The bell was cast in1654 and originates from a former chapel located on the grounds of La Gordonne. It is decorated with a row of scrolls, and a cross adorned with scrolls standing on a two-tier structure, bearing the inscription “JESUS MARIA JOSEPH».

This bronze bell became a listed historical monument by ministerial order dated 11th January 1982.

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